Meet “the girls” gorgeous and elegant ceramic sculptures by
fashion designer Renee Chase. Chase designed women’s sportswear
for many years, and transitioned to clay recently. “I always wanted to
work with ceramics. I took a class with Linda Shusterman and during a
demonstration she used the word ‘dart’. At that moment the idea for creating dresses
in clay was born.” Chase’s goal is to infuse each sculpture with form and motion as if
there was a body within it.

Ask us about commissioning a bridal gown replica. Nothing makes a lovelier gift
for a bride than a custom replica of her wedding gown. As a 1st anniversary gift or a
50th anniversary gift, she will love to have an art piece to memorialize her most important day.
Prices range from $400.00 to $700.00 for a 14 inch replica.
The price is based on the complexity of the dress and the number of details that have to be included.

Call Paula at 610-353-4569 for details.

Photo © 2012 Karl Staven.