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Antiques can make a bold addition to your décor. The acquisition of a major piece like a glass front bookcase or mirrored sideboard can create a striking focal point for your room, while also providing storage and display area. A smaller piece, like a special chair or table, can complement your existing décor as a distinctive exclamation point.

Perhaps you have a large picture window; consider a beautiful large stained glass window to hang in lieu of or in concert with your window treatments.

At Beauty you will encounter furniture made by, and in the tradition of, R. J. Horner, A.J. Johnson, George Hunzinger and other respected artisans. Stop in to run your hand across these rare heavily carved masterpieces or sit a while in a chair that, if it could talk, could tell tales of previous owners from the past 100 years.

Antiques and Vintage Objects to Accent Your Décor:

Mahogany Bench with Carved Dolphin Details

Man of the Mountain Oak Bin

China Cabinets

Steamer Trunk with handles and Inserts

Horse Glider Salesman’s Sample

Pecan Wood Doll Rocker

Marble Top Console Table

Tiger Oak Vanity with Swivel Mirror

Victorian Lady Chair

French Kidney-shaped Desk.


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